Acupuncture FAQ

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture may not be what you think it is. Some people think acupuncture is painful needles inserted in sensitive areas around the body. If fact, it is just the opposite. Depending on the skills of the acupuncturist and the techniques used, acupuncture is very comfortable to apply.

Sami’s uniquely designed approach is extremely gentle and sensitive to his clients’ needs. With Sami’s background as a professor in anatomy, physiology, and neurology, he precisely applies acupuncture in a way that achieves optimal results while the patient remains comfortable.

Combined with Sami’s personally developed techniques based on Japanese and Chinese principles and his deep knowledge of neuro-skeletal-anatomy, he helps release neck and back pain, treat migraines, arthritis, and neuropathies, chronic and acute injuries including sports injuries, etc. He also helps treat autoimmune conditions, helps reduce scars, and skin conditions including rashes.

Sami also teaches his patients how to meditate for healing from their first treatment session.

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

There are people who doubt the efficacy of acupuncture. Here are some of our patients’ testimonials to consider in deciding if you are ready to give acupuncture a chance.,

What People Are Saying About Sami Bati Acupuncture

  • J.H.
    Sami is such a wonderful, considerate provider. I just love his positive attitude and his brilliant mind in all matters of the human body, mind and soul. He has such a wide variety of skills and knowledge, it blows my mind.  After suffering for 40 years, Sami has cured my depression, and I am now drug-free. I just can't say enough about my experiences with Sami.
  • L.S.
    Simply amazing experience! I felt comfortable and Dr. Bati you are so attentive and kind.
  • V.B.
    Getting better every day. I have utmost confidence in Dr. Bati. A wonderful calming atmosphere.
  • J.C.
    Always happy with Dr. Bati! He is so kind and patient. And I have many chronic issues but, he is healing them one by one. Love my experience with him and feel better everyday!!!!
  • K.J.
    Dr. Sami Bati is the BEST acupuncture practitioner of the 6 or 7 from which I have received years of treatment. His spiritual insight and wisdom is also healing. Try him. You will feel better!!
  • B.W.
    Dr. Bati is an extremely competent holistic in acupuncture and eastern medicine. He is patient, quick to share his knowledge and just an all around nice person to work with. Dr. Bati has been treating my lower back pain and been successful where several other area doctors have been of no help. My wife and I thank God we found him.
  • Debra Jenner
    Compassionate, well educated on Human Anatomy and takes the time to listen and treat what is ailing you most! I highly recommend Sami Bati
    Debra Jenner
  • Jonathan La Plante
    Sami is great, I have chronic neurological pain as a result from a stroke and every time I go in for a treatment my pain improves, I can definitely tell when I have missed a treatment, I just wish I could go more often.
    Jonathan La Plante
  • Rick Austin
    Sami is a true Healer! compassionate and carring .Sami has helped me so much! I wish their were more like him. I feel very fortunite to have found him. It is never about money.
    Rick Austin
  • Kat Belden
    There are not enough words to describe this wonderful man. He works wonders for Veterans he has helped me when nobody else could. I have been in pain for years and now it's fleeting so on a scale from 1 to 10 I give him a 220 and for my pain I give it a 0 to 1 but that depends on how I sleep. He is the next best thing to the wheel and sliced bread. He will help you and he will work with you. I love him because he is the real deal and if he can help somebody like me who has suffered with pain for over 30 years imagine what he can do for some one like you if you have chronic pain.
    Kat Belden
  • James Wanamaker
    I have been seeing Dr. Bati for over 10 years. I have recommended him to many family members including my parents, siblings, and my elderly grandmother. I can attribute many components of my health to working with Dr Bati over the years. I highly recommend him.
    James Wanamaker
  • Sarah Clark
    I’ve had the most crippling back pain for months, and after two sessions with Sami I no longer have to take pain medication to get through my day. It’s amazing how different I feel the next day after a treatment. He also taught me how to build strength, correct my posture, and prevent further injuries, so I don’t have to come back to him every week to find relief. Thank you, Sami!
    Sarah Clark
  • Dayna Schmalenberg
    Sami is absolutely fantastic! He is truly healing me. I originally went for ear issues, and now I’m healing in other ways as well. He’s kind, compassionate and filled with positive energy. I cannot say enough about him!
    Dayna Schmalenberg
  • Michelle Rossman
    I have gone to Dr. Sami Bati over the years for various health issues. He is a wonderful acupuncturist who incorporates his knowledge of healing plants and additional methodologies into his treatment plans. He has helped me with such ailments as skin conditions, emotional issues, and joint and nerve pain. He has treated friends and family, as well for a myriad of conditions. He is the first person I consider when I am facing a problem to which I cannot find an answer. I highly recommend him.
    Michelle Rossman
  • Donna Donabella
    Sami Bati is the most knowledgeable M.D. we have ever had the pleasure to meet and to treat both my husband and me. Through a series of acupuncture treatments, he was able to heal the tears in my husband's shoulder and nerve endings on his thumb so he did not have to have surgery. Dr. Bati also treated several issues for me that other doctor's missed such as a heel spur, and overall effects of stress on body systems so that symptoms were reduced or eliminated. And Dr. Bati treated me after a difficult surgery to help my body heal itself. His compassion and concern for each and every patient is unmatched. We would recommend that you see him for a consult before any other healthcare professional.
    Donna Donabella
  • Joy Wall
    I have been a patient of Sami Bati for 10 plus years and I have nothing but good things to say about his care, compassion and positive treatment. He is always calm, uplifting and handles every problem with the utmost attention. His wealth of knowledge allows him to control any diagnosis and he brings peace, health and relief to a person anxious and in pain. After seeing him and being treated by him, there is no pain. . I recommend him unreservedly.
    Joy Wall
  • Myra Bishop
    On a personal level, Dr Sami Bati is a wonderful man, with a kind and generous heart and soul. He instantly makes you feel at ease. On a professional level, he offers a level of care that is unmatched... anywhere. He treats, not only your symptoms and pain, but you, as a whole being. I found him after suffering from an injury that left me in chronic pain. I was shocked at the improvement after just a single visit. If you are seeking better health and a general better quality of life, call Sami and make an appointment. You deserve it!
    Myra Bishop
  • Meghan André
    I met Dr Bati about 2 months ago. I could never say enough good things about him. Dr Bati is caring and really listens to all of your issues and concerns. Dr Bati is extremely knowledgeable and hands down the best dr I have ever seen. Dr Bati has been addressing my problems with headaches, neck and back pain. Dr Bati has and continues helping feel my best everyday. I am so thankful for him.
    Meghan André

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