Experience Acupuncture with Sami

Your first session

At your first session, Sami personally goes through your medical history intake with you in detail. Sami’s approach is to get to the root of the cause and start implementing treatments to get you on the path of healing. He takes the time to listen to and understand you in a calm and peaceful setting, intertwined with Sami’s unique sense of humor.

Natural healing

Sami treats the most difficult conditions with the simple & genius approach of Oriental Medicine. Sami also offers acupuncture electron therapy, fire cupping, tui na, hypnosis, mental & emotional release (MER), and other hands-on techniques. In Sami’s experience, applying a holistic approach to the most difficult diseases has a much safer and better result than traditional medicine. Sami’s approach is clear; it is about empowering your mind and body, when given the proper tools, to take over the healing process.

Start Feeling Like You Again